Monday, March 31, 2014

Things that happened in Jamaica:

Things that happened in Jamaica:

Saw my sister get married!!!!
Snorkelled in tropical water(bucket list-check!) AND saw a sting ray!!!
Tanned my stomach for the first time in 5 years haha living in London England followed by arcticCalgary prevented this from ever happening lol
Danced in the sand
Danced on a boat
Danced preeeettymuch everywhere haha
Saw my Aunt twerk on a boat. Yes. I meant to type twerk. It was mystical. You should have been there.
Climbed a waterfall
Let a magician cut my ring out of an orange
Someone kissed me ;)
Tried "jerk chicken" for the fist time
My friend almost let someone's goat escape
Swam soooooo much
Best. Vacation. Ever.

Pic of my snorkelling below:D.....I found Nemo!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

People hiding behind cats

Just noticed a trend....I like painting people hiding behind cats lol
....LOL CATS? ....Pun? ....uhhhh nevermind haha.....for more people hiding behind cats and various other objects check out my website hahaha

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Article in The Journal by Scott Kingsmith

Hey! Keep your eyes out for an article in local paper "The Journal" written by the amazing Scott Kingsmith about my painting!

Monday, March 17, 2014


I painted this last weekend. It is called "High Five". Women are too hard on themselves! So many of the beautiful women I know have no idea how amazingly wonderfully gorgeous they are. So I painted this like this woman is looking in the mirror at herself in a swimsuit and gives herself a high five and says "AHOY SEXY! Ya!!!! I look awesome!" lol
So come on ladies. You look great and life is short. Enjoy it!
Also, really enjoying this no makeup campaign going around Facebook right now. No one has tagged me yet but if they do I will certainly participate.
Here is the link to my "High Five"painting :) Have a great day guys:)

Grimes Painting Framed

Got a text from a friend I sold this huge print of my Grimes painting to. She got it framed and it looks pretty sweet in her hallway. You can check out the pic below. I really love Grimes. If you haven't hard her music you should really check it out. I love her fashion style too.
You can purchase prints here:

Pic of sold painting

So, I just sold this painting a few days ago and received these pics from the lady who bought it. She has such a great eye for interior decor and it suits her apartment perfectly. The painting is called "Summer 2013" and I painted it when I was going through a phase of working out at the gym A LOT and dating a bodybuilder. At the time I was training to compete in a fitness competition and this painting was a salute to that.
Prints of the painting are available here:
Here is a pic of the original painting in her place.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Avenue Magazine and my upcoming art show!

Avenue Magazine will be doing an article about my upcoming art show June 7th!! Great magazine! I'm super stoked!
The art show plan is dj/wine/dancing. We have musician Freelance, and DJ Val N Sky on board and artist Joel Monea will be displaying his work alongside mine. It is going to be amazing-tastic! More details to come in the next couple weeks!:)
I painted singer Freelance a few months ago I will attach the painting to this post. 
You can pick up prints of this on my website
Check out his Sound Cloud here
Super great guy and deep lyrics. He'll be at the art show performing so be sure to stay tuned for more details on the event!