Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is one of my many fashion hero's.
I hope to be as fun as her when I am 94.
So far, it appears we have the same taste in glasses lol

Monday, November 23, 2015

This made me lol

The sapphic couples cult we joined doesn't allow blogging.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Makeup By Nicole Webster!

Hey guys!
Today I got Nicole Webster's new Fall makeup line in the mail! If I said I didn't open the package like a kid on Christmas day I would be lying haha
I met her at my best friend's wedding (*I saaaaay a little prayer for youuUUUuuuuu!!!*) ahem.... 
She did makeup for the entire bridal party and holy-wooowza she is talented.
This is her:
(she has such nice lips, amiright?!)

This is my makeup from the wedding:
These are her new products that she sent me.
1. Lipstick 309 in "Shrimp"
Despite being a lipstick lesbian I never wear lipstick. Like ever. Until I got this one! Because Nicole is a genius and so she sent me the perfect tone! I have been wearing it everyday now! It stays on a long time and is creamy. It's a teeny tiny bit pink and looks sophisticated but not heavy. If any of you need help picking colours I would suggest contacting her and asking her to pick colours for you. She has a great eye.

2. Blush 237 "Drizzle"
I have worn blush everyday for at least 10 years haha. I LOVE this colour because it is just a tiny bit darker than my regular skin tone and the pink tone is not too "candy pink". It looks super natural for that "sunkissed glow" and blends really well. This comes in matte and one with subtle gold shimmer. 

3. Eyeshadow pallet 261-273-416-286-281
This palette is great because it is all neutral shades. I also enjoy that these don't have too much sparkle in them. When I use them it just accents what is happening already instead of being like, "GLITTERRRRR!" Don't get me wrong, I love me some glitter! *cough* Pride *cough*
Just not Monday mornings at 8am when I have a meeting. Nicole Webster to save the day! 
Also, I saw on her Youtube Chanel that you can use the eyeshadows to fill in your eyebrows and to sculpt and define facial features! 

Thanks Nicole!
Love it!