Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Young And In Love-a collection of romantic paintings of gay elderly couples

 Recently I was with my gf and I thought, “Man it will be cute cuddling with her when we are old(gahhh)”. And then I was like, “OH MY GOD BABE I HAVE AN IDEA!” (Golden retriever energy FR haha). And shabbam, I present….”Young And In Love-a collection of romantic paintings of gay elderly couples”. The elder gays who carved the path out so I can do crazy sh*t like put up a massive gay neon sign so bright you can see it from outer space lmao. (The one that says, “The Gayest Lil’ Gift Shop In All The Land” haha). Like old people weren’t cute as hell to start with, the queer adorbs of this project is almost too much for my big gay heart🫠💕more coming…I mean like probably…but who knows tbh lol this year has been a total sh*tshow so far and nothing would surprise me haha

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

International Women's Day

 What does it mean to “be a woman”? What is it to be able to create a human but not always be treated like one? Or for many people, not considered one because of the way their body was when they were born. I celebrate my “femininity”. As a person who loves pink and sparkles and wanted to be Barbie for Halloween I would say it has been easy in that way. But as I get older, being a woman is about saying the hard thing, doing the right thing, standing up against things, even though women are taught to be eager to please and to not “stir things up”. If you are a woman reading this, whatever being a woman means to you, you are right. You can wear a dress and fight the patriarchy. You can shave your head and still be feminine. You can be soft and sweet, and have boundaries. You can be you. And I’m here for it.