Thursday, April 17, 2014

Working at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles

When I lived in Los Angeles I worked at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios for a few seasons. It was really wild being backstage! I met a man who used to drape for John Galliano 40 years ago! I also ran into Janice Dickinson haha. I actually have a habit of (literally!) running into people. I once ran into Jude Law in London haha but that is a whole different story which I will save for later!
So, I worked as a backstage dresser as well as various other positions. It's super high energy back there. Incredibly gorgeous models galavanting around, celebrities, and frantic designers. They have this big tray of sandwiches and chocolates and stuff which absolutely no one ate haha I suppose I can admit the adage "don't feed the models" is infact based in truth lol

Funny enough I ended up talking to the designers Mom's quite often. Probably because I am friendly and curious by nature...and they are bored and proud and want to share their excitement with someone. I found out so much interesting stuff. One designer's Mom was telling me about how her daughter often made dresses for Paris Hilton.

Oh I also saw Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of Red Hot Chili Pepper's. He was dating a model at the time. I worked this one denim brand show and all the models had this gold body shimmer spray on. It was so cool. You get really great gift bags at these shows too. Once they gave everyone high heel shoes! It's pretty sweet. Oh and Smashbox Studios has it's own makeup brand so they give everyone tons of makeup. I also once saw Mena Suvari from the movie American Beauty at a show. That was my favourite movie at the time. I love the poetic ending.

At the end of working the shows all week we all piled into my friends little car. We were pulling out of the parking lot and this guy ran over and invited us to the after party. The after party was in this club near West Hollywood. It was smokey and they had those curvy diner seats. I talked to this guy in leather pants for a long time and his girlfriend who had lots of shiny lip gloss on haha

I'll attach some of my pics. Sorry they are a bit blurry. They are from before I had a phone camera lol :) The one of the single model-that is Janice Dickinson. The pic where you can read the label that is St. John. And the one with the stripe dress girls is from the Megan Fabulous show.

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