Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lesbian Guide To Montreal

Hey guys!
On my recent trip to Montreal (wooooyeahbaby!) I attempted to find all the best lesbian hang out spots using online guides. Sadly, about 50% of the places on each queer guide I found no longer existed.
So, because I love you with all of my big squishy lesbie heart I built you a new one!
Some of these places might not seem gay. "Why are they on this list?" you might ask. Well my friends, because this is the GAYEST CITY EVER. EVER. No, seriously. Even straight women in Montreal.... there are some shades of rainbow kickin around there.
So go, run to this blissful lesbian paradise and find the girl of your dreams! Use my guide. Also, get lost lots! Meet strangers! Get a lesbian haircut(http://brandymars.blogspot.ca/2014/08/shaved-my-head-lesbian-haircuts-for.html)! Eat the best chocolate of your life! Dance until 3am!
I made so many new friends- the most genuine and beautiful people inside and out.
There is something magical about this city. You won't go home the same.

L'Gros Luxe: I LOVE THIS PLACE! I had the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich of my entire f***ing life. There are no words. Jut insanely good. They have delicious drinks and everyone who works there is super hot. Just sayin. Easy on the eyes.

Bar Le Cocktail: We went here for Karaoke and it was super fun. It's located in the "Gaybourhood" aka the Gay Village. They had a drag show on when we arrived. Their selection of songs for karaoke is very extensive. Good times. Lot's of cute lesbians everywhere in this place.

Boutique Delano Design (Clothing Store): The staff here are super nice! They carry incredible brands. They are stylists and will dress you up. Love love love this shop. Also, it is located in the Old Port which is SO beautiful. You must go.
My blog about shopping there: http://brandymars.blogspot.ca/2014/08/the-parisian-way-following-love.html
The store website is http://boutiquedelanodesign.com/

Alexandra Platz: This place is in a garage. They have 2 huge walls that open up and a cool bar. This is where I met the cute girl selling tacos. The drinks are good and everyone sits on these benches. Pretty chill place. I recommend checking it out.
My blog about Alexandra Platz and also about Montreal Fashion Week:  http://brandymars.blogspot.ca/2014/08/montreal-fashion-week-and-crushing-on_24.html
Here is the restaurant website: http://www.alexandraplatzbar.com/
Boutique 1861: This place is a fem-lesbian dream shopping experience. SO MANY SPARKLES OMGGAWWWWDDDD. I want everything in here. Fantastic dresses. So girly. So fantastic. Love love love this clothing store.

Bar Waverly: They have loud music and it's a cool place to go maybe on a first date if you want to have to get really close to each other to hear each other speak. Nothing breaks the ice on a first date like having the other person's hair stuck to your lip gloss while you make small talk.

Casa Del Popolo: AMAZING LIVE MUSIC! They have awesome furniture and this place is super chill. All kinds of people were at this place. They have insanely cheap drinks and good food. The cover is by donation which is kind of nice. And really, the bands are fantastic. I saw this kick-ass local band called Mehdi Cayenne Club. I wouldn't be surprised if they are super famous one day. If you are in town look them up and try to find a show.
Le Cagibi: They play rap music and the atmosphere is funky. Good coffee. Good breakfast food. Mile End is a great area to hang out with in general if you are queer. The staff are tattooed and super bad-ass. My blog about this place http://brandymars.blogspot.ca/2014/08/lesbian-hit-list.html
The restaurant website is http://www.lecagibi.ca/

Mme Lee: Today I learned that Mme stands for "Madam"in French. It was a nice, trendy, classy place. Good food and drinks. I would go again.

Climb up Mount Royal: You will sweat, but it will feel good! Beautiful views and nice to get fresh air. Lots of people at the top had puppies too! I said hi to all of them. You should too.
gawwww! pupppppppyyyyysssssssssss!!!!!

Big In Japan: Beautiful interior! Good drinks! Pricey but worth a trip to check it out for sure! The man at the door wears a bow-tie. I mean, how can you go wrong?!

Suwu: This place is great and it's located on St. Laurent which is a beautiful street to explore. We got poutine and it was so incredibly tasty.
My blog about eating poutine: http://brandymars.blogspot.ca/2014/08/losing-my-montreal-poutine-virginity.html
The restaurant website is http://rsvpmedia.com/blog/suwu-neighborhood-bar/

La Distillerie: They have all sorts of delicious drinks in canning jars. It's super chill and the drinks are tasty. They have a list of funny rules on the wall like, "Introduce Yourself To Your Neighbour".

Juiette Et Chocolat: I died and went to heaven. Their chocolate salad blew my mind. Just wow.
My blog about eating there: http://brandymars.blogspot.ca/2014/09/rainbow-kitty-prevails-nevrrrrrr-gonna.html
The restaurant website is http://www.julietteetchocolat.com/

So, there you are! All my favourite places! I can't wait to visit again. What a great city. 
I love you Montreal. 
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