Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Girl On Girl

You guys need to check out this chick.
I love telling people about kick ass queer people/things/places I discover.

Check out Lauren Lowther. I found her on Youtube. Pretty sure she lives in Toronto. Don't know her personally but she has a crazy good voice. Also, from her videos where she talks about being gay she seems like a super chill funny nice person. (I should probably put some commas in that last sentence but I don't feel like it muaaaahaahaa)
So ya, she's a total babe haha
This cover is super rad:

Also, if you have been living under a rock (no offence meant, just being a cheeky smart ass! haha)
You have to check out Macklemore, because his lyrics are thoughtful and he's making a HUGE difference to youth. His music is from the heart and deep. Not all of it. Some of it is silly good times.
So basically he's the best.
And here is some dark, real shit. If you are so inclined.

Oh, jeesh I almost forgot
also check out the Documentary "Girl On Girl" about femme lesbians and culture
suuuuuper interesting:

Aaaaand here's a pic of some hot lesbians!
...for no particular reason actually.
Just felt like you deserved some.
Happy Thursday. 
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