Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lesbian Apologies

Her: I am kind of upset that you didn't tell me you were gay in person when we were in Jamaica

Ok. I am sorry and sincerely apologize that I didn't tell you all in person or individually. There are a bunch of reasons.
Firstly, it was terrifying and also I (was) embarrassed. I'm not embarrassed anymore. Now it's like, "Hey, this is who I am! That's that." But ya it's hard telling people.
Jamaica was about my sister's wedding. Not about me. And also, I was so not ready.
When I posted "I'm a lesbian" on my Facebook wall I kind of wanted to die and also dance around at the same time.
The other night I was at a loud outdoor art party and a guy asked for my number. I straight up told him and he was like, "Wow! You are so upfront. Thank you!"
I mean, what is the point of not telling him and giving him my number? I don't want to play games. The only game I want to play is the rapper while I sing along in the shower.
So ya, hopefully you can understand. I meant no disrespect.
It really wasn't much of a secret to a lot of people anyways haha
If you hung out with me you would realize I would have 2 drinks and suddenly start hitting on the blonde lady in the black sequin dress on New Years Eve....
What? I just like sequins guys.


  1. Yeah, I relate. We all have topics we aren't upfront about all the time. A medical condition, how we're feeling, religion, breakups, our inner crazy worlds - we all have closets we would like to emerge from at some point in our lives, and then there are people like you who just decide to be honest one day. You've got guts. It's inspiring. :)