Monday, September 1, 2014

Rainbow Kitty Prevails! Nevrrrrrr gonna keep me down

Via Text

Him: I see you found Juliet Et Chocolate

Me: haha omgaaaaaawwwwwddds
I've died and I am in heaven

Him::D It's pretty much orgasm inducing in there
Everything is dangerously good

Me:Oh man
Oh man
I love Montreal
This city.

Him::D :D :D

Me: I might have to stay forever and date liberal gorgeous French women and eat the best food of my life

Him: I don't know if there is an emoticon for a raised eyebrow with a knowingly approving smirk, but if there was, I'd be using it right now

Me: hahahaha

Because eating chocolate is better than lying stretched out on the back of your friends couch in morose-cat-pose surrounded in kleenex because of recent breakup.

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