Sunday, July 13, 2014

Folk Festival Fashion Recap! Sock in sandals! And more!

So I went to Folk Festival this weekend and because I am obsessed with fashion(in the good way!) I was watching what everyone was wearing. There were some huge trends for sure and many strange dressed folk which I enjoyed thoroughly. I value the eccentric oddity and praise them for being themselves!
So, here's what I saw. The good. The bad. The ugly. Lol

1. Crop tops and hight waisted 90's jean shorts. This has to be #1. HUGE. And honestly, in some cases very hot. The more I see this the more I like it.
2. Long flowy skirts and tank tops.
3. Old clothes.
4. Strappy shirts where the back has lots of unique cut outs and such
5. Flip flops for sure
6. Toms. So many Tom's. If you don't know what Tom's are I will attach a pic. I really dig that they are a fashion brand that gives back in a huge way to the under privileged. Fashion spreading positivity rubs me the right way.
7. Sadly it torrential down poured on Saturday so I saw some cool rain jackets come out. Mostly people were underprepared though and just got wet or hid in the beer tents until it let up. Luckily I didn't get wet because the only change of clothes I had is my prom dress which is in the trunk of my car haha I am not kidding. I have been meaning to take it to the consignment store but instead it's taken up residency in my trunk. These things happen. Also have some life jackets in there too. You never know when you might need a life jacket lol......ya
8. Socks in sandals. This actually makes sense to me because those plastic flip flops are the devil. I finally found a great pair this year actually made by Sanuk. Sanuk makes the soles of the flip flops out of yoga mat so they are super comfy and the part that goes between your toes is made of fabric so they don't rip the skin off your toes. They rock. Go buy some. Actually, I was recently reading a trend report about how socks in athletic sandals are a huge runway trend. So, salute to you Folk Festival comfort seekers! Setting trends;)!
9. Also saw some tie dye
10. My friend wore an awesome giant fur coat at night because it was super chilly. I was dawning a rainbow striped Mexican blanket which had been my festival blanket for sitting on. But it was dang cold so it became a cape lol.
11. Tilly hats. Long live the Tilly hat lol!
12. Tattoos! Many dreamcatchers and also organic Art Nouveau inspired ones. A lot of artsy ones too which I couldn't figure out what they were...
13. Dresses. Every kind....not much to say about this one. Oh on a side note I just want to mention lawn chairs with backpack straps! Brilliant invention. Not really clothes but had to throw that one in here.
14. Lots of lace/crochet trims. I saw quite a few really beautiful ethereal tops with nice trims.
15. Turquoise rings and jewellery. On all different ages of people. Oh and flower headbands! I think most of these were from Etsy or homemade. Saw some very cute ones.
16. Maxi skirts with crop tops. These are worn like the high waisted short so you just see a line of waist skin. It's not like the entire stomach area is showing. That is more of an 80's thing. The thing going on now is more of a 90's look. Hide that belly button haha
17. I can't believe I almost forgot to mention the Palazzo pant!!!! Omg I saw so many amazing hippy ones. I am not sure where they came from or if they made them at home but they were great. I love to see people being individual and not giving a damn. They were big and glorious. You could hide a monkey up one leg!

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