Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tinder Vs. Plenty Of Fish. Notes from a seasoned sailor-ess.

She punches me in the arm. Kinda hard. It hurts but she follows it up with, "Shut up! You are so cute. You make me nervous." And then she giggles. We both cheshire cat smile. Cobbles underneath our feet. I was teasing her about something-hence the punch-but I can't remember what now....she has nice hair. I'm distracted. Old staircases hang off the heritage buildings. "Want a sip of my beer?"She raises her eyebrows. Eyebrows. We talk about eyebrows. Bits of the night fly back into my memory. Yes, she has man eyebrows she says. We laugh. We laugh and laugh and laugh. This is good. More of this please.

Instant rewind 4 years:
He opens the door. 35 pairs of sneakers in boxes arranged  by his front door. He says he is a nurse. Riiiiight. You aren't fooling anyone buddy, but ok. We sit on his couch. I have known him for about 30 minutes.
Him: "Do you have any piercings?"
Me: "Ears, you?"
He pulls out his Netherlands from his pants to show me it is pierced.
I leave.
Who does that on a first date?! WHO?! Gross.

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