Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pork, Rainbow Balloons, And One Sexy Girlfriend

Loud Portuguese music in the background. Smells like pork and cold fries. Women in flip flops roam about with tiny plastic glasses of wine.

Male friend I was scared to tell I was gay: "No one expects I'm a smoker."
Me: "No one expects I'm gay. But I am."
Him: "Hmmmm. Wait, what?"(confused/surprised expression)
Me: "I have a girlfriend."
Him: "Oh wow."
Me:"She's soooooo cute."
Him: "I'm not surprised because you are so cute!"
Me: Awww haha thanks. She is the best.
Him: You should have invited her
Me: I was nervous to tell you
Him: Why?
Me: I don't know haha
Him: It's totally all good

And then I came home to my mailbox literally full of rainbow balloons and glitter. Literally.
Telling the truth about being gay is the best thing I have ever done in my entire life. Bringing down the walls guys. Bring 'em down.

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