Monday, August 18, 2014

Women Aren't Public Property

All I wanted was to go dance in the rain in a giant pink raincoat. It was pouring. I was rocking out in my flip flops in the soggy bark. Rain pouring down my face. My wet hair stuck to my neck. I felt clean and beautiful.
And then out of no where a man grabbed me in sexual manner.
You might be thinking, "Oh, she was asking for it with her provocative clothing." 
But no, a giant a-line raincoat, no makeup left on my face, and messy soaked hair was not me "asking for it". The absolute only information this guy had was that I'm female. And somehow he felt entitled to disrespect my personal space and sexually harass me.  
What is wrong with some men? Women are actual PEOPLE.
You don't have a Mom? Sister? Grandma? 
I bet you can ask any woman you know and this has happened to her. 
It's really bugging me since it actually happened to me not once, but TWICE this weekend. And the fact that I was wearing a raincoat that looks like a pink tent while it happened really REALLY bothered me.
I don't normally like to post super serious stuff but this shit is real and should be talked about. Women's bodies aren't public property. 

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