Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sex, drugs, and falling in love

Me: Drugs are overrated
Him: I've never tried any. Except for pot. And that's hardly a drug.
Me: The best drug is being in love

He plays with his "dandy" styled hair.

Him: I've never been in love.
Me: Really?!.... wow... that's sad...
Him: I guess you don't miss what you've never had.
He takes a swig of whiskey


  1. We have all done wrong things. We've broken God's holy Laws. That is called Sin. Jesus died to pay the death penalty that our sins deserved. He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross and rose three days later. Jesus is Lord and He is coming back as King. Make Him your Lord and receive His gift of salvation. Hell is a real place, and Jesus offers eternal life to those who repent of their sins (turn away from and walk the other direction) and make Him their Lord.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to write on my blog and I admire your conviction.
    Secondly, god(or "energy" or "evolution" or whatever it is you want to call it) made lesbians. And straight people. And dogs and cats. And llamas! He made all of it. And I don't need a religion to be a good person. All I need is a moral compass. I am lucky I was born with a good one and I'm busy putting it to use by filling the world with positive energy and by sharing my journey through life with others. My hope is that my blog liberates people who are struggling with their "coming out" but mostly I hope to just bring a smile to someone's face during their day.