Monday, March 31, 2014

Things that happened in Jamaica:

Things that happened in Jamaica:

Saw my sister get married!!!!
Snorkelled in tropical water(bucket list-check!) AND saw a sting ray!!!
Tanned my stomach for the first time in 5 years haha living in London England followed by arcticCalgary prevented this from ever happening lol
Danced in the sand
Danced on a boat
Danced preeeettymuch everywhere haha
Saw my Aunt twerk on a boat. Yes. I meant to type twerk. It was mystical. You should have been there.
Climbed a waterfall
Let a magician cut my ring out of an orange
Someone kissed me ;)
Tried "jerk chicken" for the fist time
My friend almost let someone's goat escape
Swam soooooo much
Best. Vacation. Ever.

Pic of my snorkelling below:D.....I found Nemo!!!


  1. What happened to "what happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica"? I love you!

  2. What happens in Jamaica....ends up on Facebook!;) LOL