Saturday, December 13, 2014

The 5 lesbian haircuts

This morning over delicious non-vegan* gasp* brunch (thats's right people we aren't all vegan! aaaamazing!) my most excellent lesbian friend informed me about the 5 lesbian haircuts.
Too good not to share!
P.s. I am not-so-slowly becoming OBSESSED with poached eggs! What sorcery is this!? Bah!

1. The dandy/Beiber
(quiiiiiite dapper!)


2. Assymetrical long in front
.....or long in back(aka side mullet)

3. One side shaved
 (oh heyyyy it's me!)
4. Both sides shaved with top bun
(this is a fancy swirly one but usually it's like this but just a plain bun)
(p.s. babe alert!)
5. The rooster( I don't know what this is actually called but I keep seeing it on lesbians leading to me believing it is "a lesbian thing")

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