Monday, September 22, 2014

Best Gay And Lesbian Movies!

Happy Monday! Here is my sapphic/gay movie list! Enjoy!

1. Blue Is The Warmest Colour
Very very good critically acclaimed Indie Film. I am a sucker for any movie that has an artist/painter in it lol so I obviously was like "Yay!" There is a ton of sex in this movie. You have been warned. The dialogue is well written and the cinematography is thoughtful. Really beautiful film. So good.

2. Orange Is The New Black
Not 100% about being gay...well...ok maybe. This is possibly the best tv-show ever made. I have seen it more times than I will admit.

3. I love You Phillip Morris
OMG hilarious. I love Jim Carrey. Love.

4. L Word
Ok I know it's old now but a lot of it is still relevant. The storyline is fun. And Shane is so so so hot. Ya'all know what I am talking about!

5. Itty Bitty Titty Committee
Good small Indie film. I like the vibe. Very San Fran/Seattle/ Portland riot-girl esque.

6. G.B.F.
Ok, this movie is ridiculous. But sometime if you are like "I want to watch some goofy amusing fluff!" then this is the one to pull out.

7. Boys Don't Cry
Boys don't cry. But you will! (Actually boys do cry. Don't make me get into a heteronormative-paradigm-rant about gender roles). Amaaaaazing movie. Very serious. Won tons of awards.

8. Rent
Awesome awesome awesome musical. Did I mention it's awesome? I think this is where many gay people's obsessions with New york began. I miss Ny....sigh

9. Better Than Chocolate
This movie is soooo cheesy. But good. And it was shot on Commercial Street in Vancouver(I am like 90% sure I recognize where). They have nice houseplants in it too(I know that's random but it's true...their apartment rocks). And it's pretty funny.

10. Milk
About the gay activist Harvey Milk. Good. Yes, you should watch this.
Important for your eductation.....of heard it here first.....

11. Vicky Christina Barcelona
Not 100% gay but there is some gay stuff in it. This is one of my favourite movies ever. I want to marry Penelope Cruz. I can't believe it's even legal for her to be that hot.

12. Chloe
A twisted thriller. Amanda Seyfried is such a good actress. It's well written and I know this is goofy but she has the best hair ever! And check out her bird trench coat(gah!). I design clothes for a living I can't help it.

13. Broke Back Mountain
Sooooo saaaaaaaad. But good. Won a ton of awards.

14. Black Swan
This movie is aaaammazing. And not just about being gay for all you homophobic folk! Haha just kidding. Homophobic people don't read my blog. Ha!
Anyways, this movie is so well done. Really dark and beautiful.

15. But I'm a Cheerleader
Ahhhhh this movie is soooo funny. She is sent to "straight camp". It's a classic. Very funny. And Nicky Nichols rocks. She is in Orange Is The New Black also.

Ok! So that's it for now! If I hear about/see anything else I will update this.
Kiss-kiss(as they do in Montreal) :)

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