Friday, December 19, 2014

Not queer as in "F*** You" but lesbian as in "Love you"

Mixed feelings recently when I saw this fairly famous cartoon and so I started really researching it:
I like the term queer but don't feel it really applying to me as someone super *feminine dating someone else super *feminine. Although haha, I suppose in the true spirit of queer rebellion I could choose it anyways and "stick it to the man" so to speak and cause utter confusion(if you can't convince them, confuse them? amiright? haha)
Ok. Also I'm pretty against gun culture. Just rubs me the wrong way.
Maybe, if you change the gun into a glitter puppy bomb that upon explosion releases thousands of tiny labrador retrievers upon the victim and kisses them until they succumb.
Ahem, anyways I do REALLY like that queer is a sort of all-inclusive umbrella term. And I respect people with strong informed political opinions who chose this as their term and lifestyle.

But honestly you guys, I'm just happy to not be in the closet anymore.
Being gay/queer  and out is ummm...... really awesome.
And it's hard to be angry, when you are surrounded in so many beautiful people.

So I'm proposing, Not queer as in "Fuck You" but lesbian as in "Love You".
Because I've really been shown nothing but love and acceptance since I came out and I feel pretty damn grateful.

*feminine(as per used above) : in the "stereotypical" sense, e.g. love pink, sappy romantic movies, flowers, walks on the beach, pina coladas......hmmmmm pina coladas........wanders off to find pina colada......

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