Saturday, November 11, 2017

Remembrance Day

Went to the Remembrance Day Ceremony. Hadn’t been to one since high school. Afterwards I did a very normal thing- went to the grocery store. In line to pay, a magazine headline in bold white font read “NEXT PLACES ____ WILL ATTACK” written over a clearly marked red map. Is this sensationalism? Or not? Lately it feels like the world has gone mad.
Despite the brevity of Remembrance Day(and life) I hope we more often remember why we take a minute of silence and what it meant to go to war. My Great Grandpa was shot and that bullet landed in the perfect spot as to not kill him and snap off the main branch of our family tree. 
I didn’t take any photos today at the ceremony. It felt wrong. They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Sometimes a moment of sincere presence and gratitude is worth even more.

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