Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Looking back, looking forward: a lesbian recollection

Wow. Looking back over my old posts this chilly winter morn I feel some effusive wistful nostalgia. So much optimism, so much excitement, and perhaps naivety. To share your life in public, that is brave. And maybe if I hadn't been so brave I wouldn't have come out at all that summer. I wouldn't have met my wife on Tinder. And I wouldn't have started my LGBTQ greeting card company. I always find winter a reflective time. Maybe it's the cookie coma(vegan shortbread cookies are just soooo damn good).
I look back at my old blog entries and see how much I have learned since my first posts. Sometimes I am tempted to edit them so they fit who I am now, but no. The past, however flawed, is how we become who we are today. We learn. We change. And like the bulbs in the spring, we grow into something new. Blossom each summer like a perennial. Changing seasons, changing reasons(damn, I'm like a natural Dr. Seuss haha).
Anyways, this is really just me touching base with my blog which has mostly been taken over by my Etsy greeting card shop. I hope you all have a great holiday( I know I'm not supposed to say Christmas lol). But I'm old school like that. So, Merry Christmas!
Talking with my Dad the other day I said to him I kind of like being older. Life is less confusing now. Sure, my body is aging. Some parts hurt. Whatever. I'm so much more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been. And it's nice to know who you are (even if that's ever changing, which of course, it is). The corollary is "Women age and it's all bad news". It's not.
So cheers to the autonomy of being older, wiser, wrinklier, and pretty damn happy with life!
All the big squishy bear hugs and a happy new year,

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