Thursday, April 3, 2014

How I got a modelling contract

I used to live with this incredibly strange and wonderful roommate. She was the kind of woman who made pasta by hand and dried it on a broom handle. I loved living with her. She was delightfully eccentric. When I first met her she gave me a tour of the yard and showed me the fish pond. She said, "I started digging a grave for myself, but then decided I fancied a fish pond better." She didn't shave any of her body hair- which I found frightening and impressive. 
She had 2 house rules: 
1. Don't eat the last of the butter
2. Don't use the last of the milk
I'm lactose intolerant. We got along very well. 

One night we were drinking wine and joking around. We were flipping through Facebook photos and she was like, "You should do some modelling! You are very photogenic!" And I was like, "Haha! Ya right." Anyways that night in a somewhat foggy-wine-induced-stroke-of-boldness I emailed every modelling agency in Canada lol. And I got into 3 of them including Mode Models which is a pretty huge agency!

I ended up signing a 5 year contract with one of them which was freaking awesome! I've gotten quite a bit of work here and there and was even photographed by Hans Lichtenberg who shot for Vogue magazine. He rocks. We hung out once in Toronto and went fabric shopping together. We bought black leather to make party dresses.  
Life is so funny. 

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