Monday, March 30, 2015

Baby Dyke Guide

Are you in the closet? Git outa there!
Stop hiding!
(behind pineapples!)
(or fake boyfriends!)
If you are a baby dyke 
(it's fine I'm allowed to use that word (muahahaha))
here's a bunch of cool lesbian stuff you might not know about yet!
(P.s. Congratulations! The best part of your life is about to begin!)
#1. QPOC
(Queer People Of Colour)
REALLY awesome organization. Find one in your area. (Search on Facebook too)
#2. Autostraddle
They have some seriously hilarious writers and good articles!

*(puppy intermission)*
#3. FaB Femme
Your guide to all things femme!(besides me of course, ha!)

*(Taylor Swift intermission)*
.....I hope her neck is ok.....

#4. And last but CERTAINLY not least:
Because there is no such thing as too much Ellen. I mean, really guys.

I'm probably going to keep adding to this post over time as I remember all the things I read last summer when I first came out ( sooooo feel free to come on back!

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Ciao bellas!

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