Tuesday, March 24, 2015


me*at the delirious stage of moving where you want to set everything on fire
-my parents call me-

My Mom: Your Dad is bugging me because he's bored
(I hear him laughing in the background)
Me: I have some stuff you can help me move!
Dad(jovial): I would just get a BIG dumpster!
Me: Haha! That's fine! I didn't even know I had a waffle maker!

they say there are no original ideas left in the world
but no one has ever used #lesbianpancake apparently
you are welcome society
my job here is done.
p.s. i have no idea what a lesbian pancake is
p.s.s. if in the future it means something dirty I apologize in advance
p.s.s.s. if it turns out to be something mystical I would like some, please. 

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