Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Til Lease Do Us Part

there comes a time in every woman's life....
when she must decide, do I stay or do I go now?
(and how do I use as many song lyrics as possible in this blog post haha)

Pros of staying:
1. This building is like Fort Knox and so far(knock on wood) no weirdos have yet to intrude and demand rum and grab my bum (this did actually happen to me once years ago, didn't end well for him or my vase...just kidding.....mostly kidding......
2. Neighbours across from me are used to me dancing around to Taylor Swift
3. Neighbours leave me candy. And sometimes wine. As I'm typing this I'm thinking I probably shouldn't eat candy from strangers *shrug*
4. Cool neighbourhood
5. Allows dogs
6. I  love lofts almost more than I love Clive(my stationary bike)
Reasons to move:
1. Move closer to the neighbourhood where all the gay folk live(yay!)
3. It might be fun
(ok. not as much fun as wearing this dress, but almost)
2. Somehow (likely sorcery) acquire a better parking spot

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