Saturday, May 2, 2015

How I Lost 10lb this month

Me after I realized winter was over:
You guys, I wish I could say "Ohhhhh you know I just watched Netflix, ate loads of salty carbs, used my dog as a memory-foam-type pillow, and the weight just was carried off my body by angels....Victoria Secret Angels.....ya!"
But that would be a lie. 
So. Here is the truth.

Firstly, I stopped drinking wine(sad faaaaace).
Next, I got sweaty.
A tiny ballerina kicked my a**
The next day I walked like an 80 year old.
But I lived to tell the tale.
*high fives*
Wait.....kisses are still calorie free....right?
I also stopped eating past 8pm.
Lastly, and honestly I think most importantly I bought a juicer and completely changed the way I was eating.
I put any green vegetable I can find in it.
And I feel AWESOME.
Juicer for life!

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