Wednesday, May 13, 2015

8 types of lesbians you will meet on Tinder

1. Every girl you have ever dated! Yes! The gay world is really. that. small.
2. Super butch/ has a photo of her holding up some kind of dead animal/fish that she just killed. She has two kinds of shoes: Birkenstocks and combat boots.

3. Poly girl who has a boyfriend but is "totally queer"
4. The "bisexual" attention seeker. She's never going to date you. Begin singing, "Let it go" now.

5. Women who don't speak english and are visiting from somewhere exotic. So enticing. Yet eerie. Do they really exist? Or are they a creepy guy with a comb-over who lives in a basement?

".....what? What!? These shoes totally fit!"
6. Bored straight women who changed their settings for fun while going to the bathroom.

the gateway drug of all gayness 
dun dun.
7. The fake profile of someone checking to see if their SO(significant other) is cheating. 
If you have to check, you probably shouldn't be dating them.
8. And lastly, "The One". AwwwwwWWWWWWWwwwww.
I mean.....they have to be somewhere!

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