Monday, May 18, 2015

Reasons the movie "Chef" is awesome:

1. It's super funny
2. It has John Leguizamo from Romeo and Juliet in it! He seems like a cool chill dude....we should be friends.
3. Sophia Vergara. I mean, come on.
she's pretty much perfect
4. The music is great!
5. The food looks sooooooo delicious omgggawwwwds. It reminded me of being in Montreal. People there take time to prepare and savour good food. I respect people who cook well. It truly is an art.
6. The little kid in it is adorable and looks remarkably like my's probably the hair. Anyways, soft spot. What can I say.
Cute munchkin.
7. I love that they end up going on a roadtrip. Everything about roadtrips is a yes. Always. Remember when the show "Weeds" went on the road?! Shenanigans! You really can't go wrong.
I want to go to Miami now
Go see it!
(it's on Netflix;))

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