Monday, July 20, 2015

Turkey Baster Baby, Camp Rainbow, and GF(?)

Approximately 1 gajilllion years ago (when I was 12) I went to a leadership summer camp called Camp Rainbow. It had that fortunate/unfortunate name for only my first year of going there and then gay people stole the rainbow(muuuuaaaaahhahaaaaaaa) and the camp was re-named. It was never a gay camp but of course even more ironically a bunch of us turned out to be gay. Ha! (And you say God doesn't have a sense of humour!) The camp is all about positivity, and self-awareness, and community and is actually still running today!

It was the best. Right up there in ranking with waking up beside my girlfriend(?). *sidenote*Not sure if she is my "girlfriend" and honestly not overly concerned about the terminology(cause you know, queer folk just love love love labels. Can't get enough of them... 

(ahhhh the pressure!) 
(Like buying a box of 12 mangoes at Costco)
 *collapses dramatically onto box and starts crying*

I mean, she is a girl. And my friend. 
I'm pretty sure based on the amount of texting that goes on between us that it's impossible either of us are dating other people and if she was dating someone else also I wouldn't even be mad. That's just impressive! How do you type that fast and remember all the things we talk about?!
And I hold her hand in public. 
And take her home to meet my parents. 
And she sends me flowers at work. 
So whatever that classifies us as, that's what we are.
We haven't conglomerated our names together like Brangelina yet and so I did not supply barf bags for this entry for those allergic to the sicky sweetness of new couples. 
Anyways, one of my camp counselors her name was Sara Hyde.(This is probably the third time ever in my blogging history I am using a friend's real name! Sacrilege!). She is also a lesbian and married to a layydayyyy aaaand just got pregnant with a self proclaimed, "Turkey Baster Baby".
Her blog is the absolute funniest.
She makes me cry from laughing so hard.
Check it out here:
Likers gonna like.

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