Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fifty Shades Of Rainbow

fifty shades of grey rainbow

there are the party lesbians
(aka the "I only do this drunk" lesbian)
the "I look gay even in a dress!" lesbians
the lipstick lesbians
the "leather" lesbians
lesbians who sometimes make out with men
lesbians who think they are men 
lesbians who go by "boi"
lesbians who have boys
femme lesbians
lesbians who go by "they"
political lesbians
"the queers", because labels suck.
free spirited lesbians
power lesbians
butch lesbians
stud lesbians
lesbians who wear dresses
the "dress up bow-tie wearing" lesbian
chapstick lesbians
the "stick to you on the first date" lesbians
the tattoo lesbians
baby lesbians
the "hasbian"
the has been thinking about coming out lesbian
the closet case
the case of beer lesbian
the "adventure college phase" lesbian
the gayelle
the supermodel lesbians
the super femme
the stem lesbian
the vegan lesbians
the cat-loving lesbians
lesbians who only like dogs
the retro vintage lesbians
the "what are high heels?" lesbians
curling lesbians
the hockey lesbians
u-haul lesbians
the "you kill the spider!" lesbians
the pillow princess lesbian
the pansexual
the bisexual
the "I will buy you roses" lesbians
the "I buy men's deodorant!" lesbians
the "transitioning" lesbian
lesbians who don't shave their legs
lesbians who shave everything
lesbians who will tell you all about it!