Sunday, February 15, 2015

Running out of gas in "the hood" & the kindness of strangers

*A fancy SUV stops beside me at the red light and rolls down the passenger window*
The Mom: Hi, are you ok?
Me(flustered as this has never happened to me before): Hi! My car just stopped for no reason....I think I might be out of gas
-A little girl sits in the passenger seat and I hop into the back seat. It's covered in Valentine's Day chocolates and a raffle ticket bucket. The whole car smells like vanilla lip gloss-
The Mom: You ran out of gas in a dangerous neighbourhood!
Me: Ya....
The Mom: That is the middle of the hood. Drug addicts and gangs
-we drive to a gas station and then back to my car-
After I fill my car up with the red jerrycan I run back to their SUV
Me(gushing): Thank you guys SO are my angels
The Mom(smiling at the little girl): We are Valentine's Day angels
We exchange numbers and make plans to meet up later.
For Valentine's Day I got 2 new friends 
and faith in the kindness of strangers.

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