Monday, September 14, 2015

Accidentally going to the Dr in "the hood"


Me: ....whoah.....this area is kind of rough hey?
My girlfriend: Yeah I noticed you want to go a different clinic?
-I swallow and wince because it feels like someone is stabbing me in the esophagus. I look at her phone GPS and see we are almost there-
Me: Uhmm, it's ok babe. I'm sure it will be fine

-the chairs in the waiting room are ripped and loud 90's Eminem blares from reception. A burly unamused security guard paces between the pharmacy and the waiting area. My gf and I exchange the "WTF?! look" and we take a seat in the waiting area. Gun shots fire out from the CD player. When the Dr calls us in I see behind the door is completely smashed. His desk is messy and cluttered-

-The Dr writes out my prescription-
Him: Do you want something for the pain?
Me: No thank you, I have Tylenol.
Him(confused):.....but do want something stronger?
Me(confused): I have Tylenol.....
-he looks at my gf and then me and then my gf and then me-
Him: What are you two doing here?!
-we both laugh-
Me:......I'm sick.......
Him: This is a really bad neighbourhood(he shakes his head). Terrible.
-we nod in agreement-
Him: Most people who come here....they want drugs.....pain back anytime, ok?

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