Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gay movies that don't totally suck!

Much (I am guessing) like you I am tired of awful lesbian movies. 
So cheesy.
So baaaaaad.
So low budget.
Why the elevator sex music?

But the great news is recently I saw not one, BUT 2 really great ones!

1. Sense8
OMG. This show is amazing. GO. WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. I love this inter-racial transgender couple. Booyeah! 
2. Life Partners
I think the trailer for this movie is misleading BUT I still give it mad props. I feel it touches on current lesbian culture fairly accurately. My gf told me about it and then I watched it and the whole time I was texting her like, "THIS IS SO US!" and she was like, "OMG I KNOW!" Somethings are worth text shouting and using the word "like" way waaaay too much. Adam Brody(from the O.C.) is in the movie and also Gabourey Sidibe from Precious. 
ooooOOOOoo *fun fact*: Once when I was working in the film industry I met Adam Brody and gave him a t-shirt from my clothing line. He was really sweet and shook my hand and talked with me for a bit. (I resisted the urge to bear hug him). True story. 


  1. Yer lovely. I haven't caught up with your blog posts recently, but I just love your stuff. :D

    1. Hey Liz! Same here!! Need to check out your blog! How ya doing:)?!