Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lesbian Guide To Winnipeg

I know I know
-50 weather
people stabbing each other with bottles for no particular reason

I'm here to tell you there is more actually. Lots of nice stuff. 
And gay stuff. 
No, like actual gay stuff. LGBTQ stuff. 
I'll show you where!
1. Fame
Let's start with the most obvious, Fame! A place where you will do shots of tequila, forget where you live, and inevitably wake up with your wrist stamp on your forehead and someone's number in your purse.
2. Stella's on Sherbrook
If you are gay and you live in the Peg this is most likely your brunch hangout. Get the Mexican breakfast with chorizo sausage. Disappointed you shall not be!
3. Club 200
There are lots of QPOC events held here. QPOC stands for queer people of colour. Club 200 is predominately male but the lesbian events are a good time.
As I mentioned above QPOC stands for queer people of colour. I bring it up again because you should definitely check out their organization and see what they are about. They host all the best lesbian events in town.
5. Peasant Cookery
If you find a hot lady and you want to buy her a fancy drink bring her here and impress her with your good taste. Nice atmosphere. Great wine. Yummy food. Awesome patio in the summer!
6. Across The Board
If you are of the nerdy variety or just of the non-fun-police variety you will surely enjoy this establishment! The walls are full of board games from all around the world.
7. Gay Pride Weekend
Winnipeg has a legit gay pride parade. It is usually held at Forks which is a big park by the Museum Of Human Rights(also cool).

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