Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Year Resolutions

I don't reeeeally believe in NYE resolutions.
Once, I swore to floss every day and that lasted like 2 days.
I prefer to consistently pick up positive habits from people around me.
A osmosis type effect:

Example: Wow, I love how talented he is but elegantly modest.
or, I love how she dresses simple and classic but not dowdy
or, wow, she is super strong but compassionate
or I like how she is thoughtful but doesn't apologize for being herself
I generally surround myself in people I admire.

Anyways, I do have a few tangible goals.
1. Like most of the human population under the age of, let's say 35, I have a student loan. I am going to pay it off this year. Pretty attainable. And it was worth every cent because I love the crap out of my career choice. 

2. Take care of my body
Not in a crazy neurotic way but just you know, eat lots of veges, don't stress out, enjoy life, work out, sleep (preferably in spoon cuddling position with someone sexy.....ahem hem hem)
3. Learn boatloads at work. This is happening anyways. But I just want to be really present and absorb. Sponge-like.
4. Have fun! Just enjoy, have the best time ever(like you had to tell me twice, ha!), and don't fret so much over the small stuff

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