Friday, January 16, 2015

Top 25 Posts Of 2014!

Top 25 Posts Of 2014
65,000 views in 6 months
Thanks for laughing and crying with me
.....I love you guys!

1. Lesbian guide to Montreal:
2. The Parisian Way: Following Love
3. What it's like being a lesbian in a dress:
4. Orange is the new Brandy:
5. Tinder Vs. Plenty Of Fish. Notes from a seasoned sailor-ess.
6. I knew I loved you when:
7. Pastiche Not Pistachio
8. Tchaikovsky You Rascal
9. I crashed the NYE Party
10. Lesbian Santa Letter
11. More glitter, not cowbell
12. Shaved My Head! (lesbian haircuts for everyone!)
13. This interview is so gay
14. At the cocktail party
15. French kiss
16. Pork, Rainbow Balloons, And One Sexy Girlfriend 
17. Lesbian Witchcraft
18. It got better
***aaaaaand this happened
19. You are free
20. Snow storm in June
21. Love her
22. Lesbian sex ISN'T "real" sex
23. How love works
24. They dance. They kiss. They exchange numbers. 
25. Girl Crush

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