Monday, January 12, 2015

The Struggle

Ok, I've been struggling with something lately.
Had a convo that went like this:

*while ago*
Me: I feel like my blog makes her uncomfortable
Him: She just thinks you are more than JUST gay

....ummm of course I am more than just gay

But it bothered me. So, I kinda stopped writing about that ...and suddenly my blog started to feel uncomfortable to me. Kind of alien. I don't know how to write and not be honest....I don't know how to write and not be fact I have no idea how to not be me ever. It's a very confusing thing to try to do. And in fact not being myself is against the very fiber of my being.

And as a very wise person once told me, "Destiny is not for the faint of heart"

So, hello 2015.
Let's do this.
Supppaaa gay style haha. Cause that's how my life is right now. Aaaaaand I think you guys deserve to be part of that.

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