Friday, April 24, 2015

5 things I've learned juicing

Hey! Put down that bronut!
1. Foam= sexy green moustache. I get to look like a lumbersexual?! Say whaaaa?
(sans chest hair)
2. Throwing beet into juicer without a lid= murder scene
3. Apples are the juicing equivalent of cheese. Before I became super allergic to milk(all the swear words) I used to put cheese on anything I cooked that tasted bad. It works like a charm. Gross juice? Add an apple. *boom* Amazing. DONE.
4. It's all about the benjamins celery, apples, beets, cucumbers. 
This is how you afford to juice and still buy the boots with the fuuuuurrrrrrrrrrRRRrrrrrr
5. Juicing=HYPER. Most energy I have had after working a full day in AGES. It's nuts. Actually it's fruity......and vege. Ha.

Sigh, I love my juicer. 
If it was a person I would kiss it every morning. 
Like this:

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