Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fire In My Building


-I bust through the emergency exit door into a blurry crowd in housecoats with various pets-

My friend: You failed the test!
Me: Haha! I can't see anything! I was like make it stop *motions pulling covers over head*
*laughter in the crowd*
Me: So this is what everyone looks like in the morning! How long have you all been out here?!
My friend: About ten minutes
Me: I couldn't find my pants...aaaand I'm much more sober than when I went to bed haha
My friend: Ah, good party? I have company tonight and I have this really special table that I have been refurbishing so I spent the night doing that
Me(playful teasing): And you didn't bring it down here with you?!
*she laughs*
-one last straggler comes through the emergency exit door-
Someone in the crowd: Took you long enough!
My friend: See, don't feel bad! You weren't the last one out haha
The straggler: It's amazing what you can sleep through!

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