Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jenna Lyons: my lesbian hero

Oh, let me tell you.

1.  She isn't afraid to bend the gender binary
2. She's gay, the CEO of J.Crew, hardworking, and independent

Like a boss.
3. She has bold taste

"Oh hey, I'm just hanging out on the sidewalk in this feather skirt. No big deal."
Marry me?
4. Did I mention she's a lesbian and works in the fashion industry?! AND wears heels?!
Sorry, it's just like seeing a unicorn or something.
5. She's wasn't afraid to come out of the closet and acknowledge her partner at the Glamour Awards. And she's not afraid to come out of the closet wearing a blazer and no top.....
Which, let's be honest, is totally fine because she's a total babely babe.
6. She owns how she looks physically and talks in interviews about how she wasn't always confident being super tall and she has some tooth health concerns but ya know what? She will tell you all about it. Because she doesn't care! She's awesome. She's just like, "This is who I am!"
You go girl.
6. She loves sequins. I love sequins. This feels like the beginning of a beautiful thing.

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