Saturday, April 25, 2015

Apples to apples

Son, I feel like it's the time in life when we should talk about important things. 
Like why is this organic apple SO f***ing good?!?!?!!
Ok so you know when you go out to a restaurant and they up-sell you and you are like:
Except you don't use that word.
Because ladies deserve to be spoken to with respect, damn it!
Aaaaanyways. That's how organic food is.
You have to pay extra for it.
Because it RULES. And tastes like actual food. And what I mean is it actually has a taste. Raise your hand if you have ever eaten a peach that tasted/had the consistency of sawdust. Point made.

Pro tip: Apples, celery, carrots are generally the most affordable. (And organic berries are the most delicious thing on Earth. I wish I could only eat organic produce....a girl can dream.)

It's like the difference between a one night stand 
and being with someone you are crazy-madly in love with. 
HUGE difference.
I know, I managed to go from apples to the subject of sex. I'm kinky like that. But hey, so was Eve.

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