Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fashion Tips For Dummies

1. Go to good stores. For example: Club Monaco(for classy casual stuff), Banana Republic(work stuff), Urban Outfitters(for cool stuff)

oooOOOoooo Chanel

2. Don't buy polyester if you have body odour problems. Actually, just don't buy polyester. Just save up and get the good stuff(silk).


3. When in doubt, copy the window mannequins. Or, just straight up buy the outfit in the window. This is pretty fool-proof. Unless you are shopping at Forever 21 and you are 55 years old.
4. If you are over 16 no one wants to see your belly button. Even if you have the cutest belly button of all-time. I mean, yeah I want to see it. But not like, at work. Mmmm k?

Save it for parties. Like this. And bring me. 

5. If you don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes buy good basics and then accessorize.
6. You will eventually inevitably go through a breakup and stop sleeping, washing your hair, and have heartbreak puffy eye syndrome. Buy a hat. And sunglasses. And Nyquil. You will have crazy-ass nightmares but you will sleep like a bay-bay.

cat hats acceptable

7. Lint roller.
for said cat hat

8. Comfort= confident. Overly tight tights make me want to defenestrate myself. Don't do it. Unless you are masochistic. Then go to town.
9. Beige isn't a colour. Yawn fest

I never fully trust people who wear beige pants. 

10. Just because someone says you should or shouldn't wear something doesn't mean you should listen. Be an individual. You rock that purple mink bouffant-style hat, sir. Hold your head up high. Honey badger don't give a damn.

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