Friday, November 7, 2014

Why Is Everything Dirty? WHYYYYYYYYYY

-London, England-

running through Piccadilly station
in herringbone fishnet tights and a very short dress

after having a refreshing Saturday morning stretch and going, "Mmmmm Saaaaaturday"
I went , "OhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnooooOOOOOoooooo!!!!"
And frantically scrambled to piece together a job interview outfit after 6 solid days of interviews

when I arrive at the door the man asks me for my resume
I don't have it
1200 other applicant line the fancy entrance
there are only 25 spots being filled

a few minutes later they lead me upstairs
to a giant room with a chandelier
I sit on cushioned chair

I fill out an online pre-screening test for personality
the man brings me a glass of water in a wine glass
it soothes my burning throat from the run
I try to cover my legs with my cropped motorcycle jacket
as sweat runs down the side of my face

I decide, in a fit of defeat
that I am screwed.
and I will just enjoy sitting in this nice room with a fancy chandelier.
I relax.

the lady interviewing me asks me questions and then laughs and laughs
she calls another man over and we shake hands
he calls another woman over
we chat, she laughs, we shake hands
and she calls another woman over

an hour later I meet the President of the company.
I got the job!
and then I danced around like this:

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