Sunday, November 23, 2014

it's not my suit

-at a formal Christmas party with the guy I traded costumes with on Halloween-

*I enthusiastically wave at him*
*we waves back*
Me: Hi! It's so awesome to see you again!
*we hug*
Me(gesturing to his suit): You look nice!
Him(gesturing to my black lace dress and heels): You too!
Me: I still have your bodysuit Halloween costume....I hung it up my closet with all my regular clothes. It makes me happy every time I see it. I was actually going to wear it tonight.
*he heartily laughs*
What I am doing today:
(the only suitable thing to do after a weekend jam packed full of delightful Christmas shenanigans)
p.s. belly rub?

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  1. I'm standing in the lobby, watching the hustle of people. From the corner of my eye I spot her. She waves at me, with a spring in my step I walk towards her. We hug. My arms embrace her leopard print coat. She tells me it's not real. I smile and sigh with relief. I take her coat and hang it up. She's wearing a stunning black dress with a lace top. She is taller than I remember. I glance down, high heels with straps, beautifully around her feet. We go for a walk to see the newly renovated area. We chat as the decor and ceiling high windows pass by. I can’t look away from those amazing blue eyes and gorgeous smile. We walk back to the party leaving a wake of stolen glances.