Monday, November 3, 2014

SaturGay Paper

-7 months ago-
Me: Which one is better? Chocolate or vanilla?
Her: Chocolate
Me: Sounds good
-I curl all 3 newspapers together and tuck them under my arm as she hands me a bowl of vegan ice cream in a small pink dish-
I sit at a wooden table and carefully lay all the papers face down. I strategically take the paper about "Gay Pride Week" and insert it into the regular paper.
Believe me, the irony of this, does not escape me.

This is exactly why when a middle aged man recently told me my blog was "too gay" my first reaction was embarrassment..... followed by a considerate amount of consideration..... followed by anger.
There are a million blogs about being hetero!
There aren't a million blogs about being a 27 year old femme lesbian fashion designer. And I suspect (due to it's recent soar in popularity) that for a lot of LGBT people this blog has become a home for them and perhaps a place of refuge- the same way hiding my gay newspaper inside another newspaper was my refuge once.
So, Mr.
If my blog is "too gay" for you. Don't read it.
In the words of Mary Lambert, "I can't change, even if I tried. Even if I wanted to."
(this applies to me never wearing 2 socks that match and also to being a lesbian)

(Oh, and now I read my Gay Pride Week newspapers freely aaanywhere I damn well please;) haha)

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