Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Deep Fried Dill Pickles At The 90's Lesbian Party

(In my mind upon immediate entry into the bar): WHOAH! This place is full of lesbians with lesbian haircuts wearing lesbian clothes!
(Still in my mind): Nooooo, you are delusional! You are just seeing lesbians everywhere because you just came out of the closet. You are being a nutter!
The barefoot brunette singer/songwriter sits on a stool on a Persian rug. An old green oscillating fan blocks part of my view to the stage. She picks her guitar and sings like Ani DiFranco. Half of the people in the bar have half of their heads shaved. They are wearing oversized tees and have tattoos. If there was a door prize it would probably be a Katie Lang CD. A large group of women are playing pool. 
I feel like I should be in the Sixth Sense- "I people!"
I tell my mind to be quiet and order a glass of wine. My girlfriend orders deep fried dill pickles. 
Then she turns to me, "There are a lot of lesbians here...I think we are at a 90's lesbian party."

OH THANK GOSH I thought I was going crazy!
What are the odds??!

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