Monday, August 25, 2014

Mehdi Cayenne Club In Montreal: Casa De Popolo

"This guy is a force of nature!" my friend yells in my ear.
The singer's leg kicks out wildly and he flips his hair around. He's captivating-like a young Mick Jagger.
We are mesmerized.
The crowd nods and hips sway.
Christmas lights are strung around the bar and a rainbow flag hangs by the waitress.
I definitely recommend Casa De Popolo. Beautiful architecture. Good cider. Yummy nachos. And REALLY REALLY good music.

Here is the link for the band. They are SO good live. Wowza.

Here is the link for the bar which fricking rocks and has beautiful plants and furniture! My new friend
(the cute lady in short shorts who sells taco's. Here is my blog about her if you missed that
Anyways, she told me about Casa De Popolo! She rocks and gave me a big list of things to check out. I might build that lesbian Montreal guide that I mentioned in my last post. My way to "pay-it-forward" mayhaps.

Anyhow, Casa De Popolo is super cozy and funky. Lot's of different people there too. I think anyone could feel comfortable in this place.

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