Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Intern At Quiksilver In Huntington Beach, Los Angeles

I'm standing in Compton beside a metal poll hoping to not get shot or abducted. If you aren't familiar with Los Angeles I will tell you- Compton is notorious for gang violence. In particular the Bloods, the Crips, and the Sonenos. When I told the driver of the orange bus that I thought I was lost she went, "I think you are too." in a deadpan voice. And now I'm standing beside a poll which has a teeny tiny sign on it that meekly says "bus" and I'm deeply regretting wearing this denim mini-skirt. When the bus FINALLY arrives the driver announces that he thinks it is going to break down because it's shaking the entire trip back to the previous bus station.

By the time I arrive at the Quiksilver office for my interview sweat is running down my face and legs because I just ran for 15 minutes straight in the blazing California sun. Upon arrival I decide I am not going to get the job and should just enjoy the interview and relax. And so, of course, I got the job! 

There is a big skate park out back and famous surfers are around sometimes. It's pretty dope. I am working in the pattern/technical design department. There is a big sewing room where they make in-house samples and they keep huge rolls of fabric and swimwear bra-cups in massive boxes. My job is to test fabrics to see if the colour bleeds and also a little computer garment sketching(CAD). I also spend a lot of time cutting people's patterns apart for them after they get printed off of these huge roller printers. I'm just happy to be there soaking it all up. Sponge-like.
Every now and then I go through the creative design department. It smells like popcorn and there are colourful things everywhere. It feels like home :)

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