Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bad Lesbian Poetry

So, I've pretty much exhausted every avenue trying to get my ex-girlfriend to get back together with me.

These include:

1. Crying on a sidewalk in Montreal 
I may have been at a house party. 
I may have had some watermelon sangria.  
I may have made 3 bad choices altogether this night.

2. Writing her a really bad poem. The worst. 
What is wrong with me?!
Anyways, it was cathartic and she probably thinks I'm a lunatic now. High-five self. 

3. Actually there isn't a #3

But I am left with the present I got her in Montreal which sadly is too specific to give to anyone else. Plus, if I give it to someone I will have to see it. And then I will want to claw my eyes out. Also it's tiny. Because she was small and I don't even know anyone else that small.

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