Wednesday, September 24, 2014

RAW For The Oceans: G-Star

Oh hey sexy people!
I want to tell you a story:
Once there was a woman in New York.
It was a hot summer. Damn hot. Real hot. So hot you could cook an egg on the sidewalk hot.
She took off her jacket but it wasn't enough. She needed relief. So she ran to a street vendor. She bought a bottle of water and drank the entire thing in 3 seconds flat and then threw it in the trash


She threw it where?!?!


It's ok
You know why? Because of Raw For The Oceans.
That's right. G-Star Raw and Pharrell Williams(ummm like you weren't already in love with him for releasing this are making denim out of recycled plastic from the ocean.
Ya, denim. Out of plastic they pull from the sea.
It's intensely bad-ass.
I feel like the cool thing these days IS to care. Not caring about the environment is laaaaaaaame.
Humanitarianism/ environmentalism/ giving a damn: It's in. It's hot. Take note.
And this trend of caring isn't going away anytime soon cause let's be honest- we have fucked the Earth up pretty bad.
But it's ok. We are going to figure it out together.
AND we get to wear super stylish rad clothes designed by Pharrell Williams and Marc Newson (Design Director of Apple) while we do it!
I love this because they are taking something negative and making something positive out of it.
Pharrell, you are doing something powerful with your fame. Respect.

Check out the website here guys:

Here is a video about the cause:
"You can take low grade plastic debris and turn it into high performance yarn"

Also, I might have a teeny tiny crush on Raw For The Oceans brand ambassador/ artist/ film maker/ activist Brandee Brown. 
I mean how cool is this chick?

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