Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oh baby baby

Guys. It's almost October! What happened????
Here's my list of favourite discoveries/people/things/places of 2014!

1. The beach/mostly driving to the beach singing gangster rap as loud as humanly possible

2. Blue cheese hamburger patties(omgawd)

3. Montreal (bah! I miss you)

4. Pink pedicures and French manicures

5. Telling everyone I am gaaaaaaayyyyy

6. My leather skirt
I need you I want you oh baby baby.
It was love at first sight.

7. My girlfriend(now ex-girlfriend). 
It was amazing. 
Now it's over. 
Peace, girl. 

8. My job.
I design clothes for a living.
And my boss rocks.
I am pretty much the luckiest person ever.

9. Grimes
she rules

10. Jenna Lyons (because she works in fashion as a CEO and she's awesoooome and gaaaayyyyy)
We have so much in common.
For example, we both have approximately 5 billion pairs of shoes. 

11. My red high heels
They really were there for me.
Sadly a month ago they died a tragic sunscreen death. 
(a story for another time haha)

12. Seeing my sister get married in Jamaica! woooo/awwwwwww!

13. Writing and having total strangers from around the world telling me they read my blog everyday!(love youuuuuuu!)

14. My oversized sweater with the ridiculous massive pocket. It's the legal way to wear a blanket to work. I mean come on.

Oh hey, exactly 14 of the best things of 2014. How convenient!
Great year so far.
Btw, I want to know all 13,798 of you guys!
Message me or comment below!
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