Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beautiful Stranger

"Come into the line with us!" His friends wave for him to budge. He shakes his head no and stays behind me. He ends up buying a large and we sit on a wooden bench sharing poutine at 3am.

Him: What do you paint?
Me: Mostly portraits of people-when I first meet them. People are so beautiful. I go home and I'm just like, "Woooow this person is blowing my mind right now! I have to paint them."
Him: You see the good in people
Me: Haha my greatest skill and weakness in life. I always find parts of people's personality to love
Him: Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: No we broke up
He leaves his fork resting on a fry and looks up at me
Me: It's fine
Him: No it's not. That's what people always say when it's not fine.

I kiss him on his left cheek and say goodnight. I reach out and gently touch the side of his jawbone.
Beautiful stranger.

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